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.:MC:. Mana Suko App by MIKO-99 .:MC:. Mana Suko App by MIKO-99
I couldn't let this chance slip people ;A;
I wanted to join in so badly as soon as I knew about the group! Here is mah babu!! :iconhontoplz:
For :iconmekaku-city:

  • Name: Mana Suko

  • Age: 16

  • Date of Birth: 20th, December

  • Height: 160 cm

  • Weight: 46 Kg

  • Sexual Preference: Bisexual

  • Eye power: Stealing eyes

-Stealings eyes enables you to read people's minds. Aswell as understand animals.-


  • Personality:

  • Quirky

  • Kind

  • Cheerful

  • Playable

  • Serious when necessary

  • Intelligent

  • Slightly reckless


  • Mana is usually a V E R Y quirky person. Kind of unpredictable. You just don't know how would she react to things. She is also into weird kinds of foods. And I mean all weird types of foods. So she can pretty much eat EVERYTHING. Mana is a kind girl who loves to help other people. Feeling the need to do so or else she feels guilty for not doing so. She is also cheerful. Uses quite a lot of energy and likes to play around with others. She likes to play with yarn balls but only if another plays with her.(Let's face it.. Even I did that once with my past was fun...) So basically, she can even be your pet! (ok.. did that sounded wrong?... Or is it just me? XDD ) She loves animals. And thinks that animals have a better life than humans do sometimes. She just dislikes to have a depressing life and instead, acts the way she does. Some people actually dislike her behavior which causes to have not many friends. But she treasures her friends like a true family. Although, when truly bad things happen, she can be quite overreacting. As she sometimes lose it. She tries her best to be positive, but there are times when she actually doesn't know what to do and loses hope.

  • This girl rages when people hurt animals. She considers animals equal to humans. Considering that she knows they have feelings too. Causing people to see her as an over reacting girl aswell for that.

  • The poor girl also puts to much thought into people's feelings. She dislikes it when people just feel bad and stay quiet. She feels horrible when she knows people are feeling bad and they don't give her permission to help. Sometimes, causing her to be reckless and help anyways in ANY way she can. Most of the time being yelled at the end for doing so.

  • Mana can be serious when needed. She doesn't gets mad very often. But it's not nice seeing her that way. You could say it's her other evil kind of side of herself. (doesn't knows how to put that in more appropriate words...//shot. ) When a person does unforgiveable things, She thinks twice of forgiving you if you beg for it. But if she does, keep in mind she still has doubts of you and may not trust you the same way as she did. And even then, maybe she never trusted you at all since the begining. She barely forgets about things. So she knows, but keeps quiet about certain things. Mana is seen as an immature girl, yet she isn't. She just likes to live life in a fun way like she was taught.

  • Should I keep mentioning how reckless she is?! XD She just doesn't care if she gets hurted as long as she makes her friends happy. Sometimes, hidding her own pain and continuing to seem ok. Mana also tries not to trust people to easily when it comes to personal stuff like her past.. She can actually talk to you like she will with the rest. But when it comes to speaking more, like said above, she keeps quiet and bottle everything up for her and her friend's sake.

  • Mana's biggest flaw could be that she holds a grudge for to long towards any person that does unforgiveable things. Sometimes, it's hard for her to let it go. Yet she seems like she has. Due to her attitude.



  • Biography:


  • Mana had always loved to help others since she was little. She took influence by the same and only older brother she used to have. Also known for beng a weird person yet sweet and fun. He usually was the cheerful one and encouraged Mana to be positive aswell. Mana was always with him wherever he'd go. As she felt safe with him. Her parents would usually fight with her brother for influencing her to go outside to much. For they would over protect her so much. Their parents were very worried about the young girl, that she would get into trouble. Their parents constantly complained about her behavior. She only wanted to be free. In the sense that she wanted to be more outgoing. Her parents barely let her go outside. Plus the fact she couldn't keep animals for her parents disliked them. Hence why her brother used to bring animals to her and call her outside to see them and pet them. They usually spent hours together speaking about the things they could probably do together.


     ''Can I be with you? I will still attend school..''


  • She usually said stuff like that. His only answer was always to keep moving on with what she has. To keep being positive. Someday things would change for the best. Most of the time she would get angered for that, since she really wanted to go away. But to be truthfully, life wasn't as bad as she thought. She simply was overprotected since she was the only girl. And she had a normal life. She had friends, she had a normal school life.

  • Due to being responded with the same answers, Mana grew tired of this. Which is why, one day, she escaped from her own home. Causing her parents to panick and get worried sick. Her brother was acting the same, but he had a few ideas where would she be at that moment. Mana actually had no idea what was really happening in her brother's mind, for she acted as she did. What she didn't knew, was that her brother was in trouble with certain people. He was actually tight in money and always borrowed money from the wrong people. To the point he barely couldn't pay the bills so he did what he did. Ending up with no money to pay them back. Also the fact he never finished school and was fired from his last job. Mana never knew nothing from her own brother. Thinking he had the best wonderful life ever. After hours and hours of trying to find the girl, her brother founded her. And actually confessed all of this. Trying to make her see why he never allowed her to leave her parents and live with him. After actually understanding all of this, she felt guilty. And certain people apparently had found them. Truthfully honest, they followed him. They dared to beat him up infront of her, to make him suffer as he looked up at her face. All she did was cry and screamed at them to stop. They finished off with him as they threw him away. He was bleeding a lot, for they had used sharp weapons at him. She headed to see him, and with the last of his strenght and life. He had taken out a gift for her that he had spent with the little money that he had. A new jacket. Kind of like a cat like jacket. With ears and the sleeves formed as cat paws in which you could open up whenever you liked, considering she liked costumes, this was a combination of a casual jacket yet a costume kind of the like. As he died of blood loss, and with a smile, saying something she couldn't catch up. She wished so deeply that she'd have been able to know what was going on. That she wouldn't actually needed words to tell her what was wrong with him. That she could read his mind to know what he had also said. She was so angered, confused, saddened that she stood up and recklessly shouted at them and actually threatened them that she would call the police and acuse them. They couldn't afford that. And with that, they killed her right there. Along with her brother.

  • Thanks to her strong wish, she received the Stealing eyes. Waking up once more with a new second chance. On her hands, her gift received by her dead brother. She couldn't help but cry a river at this. She would never get to see him again. All she wanted was for him to go back now.

  • Spending her days roaming around, and in her free days, she would go stroll around. Thinking of her brother, about the memories, she encountered a little girl with a cat on her hands. The cat reminded her of her brother. Somehow, she remembered her brother's words. Advices. It somehow brought that tiny little spark of hope that he was actually sending her a signal. To be happy. To be free. And not be in total pain. That it was ok to cry. And without being able to control it, she had began to know what the girl was thinking of after looking right into her eyes. Her eyes glowed red at this. Thanks to this little scene, one of the members of the Mekakushi Dan had noticed this. Contacting the young girl and ended up joining in. She though that maybe, she would get more knowledge of this eye power that she had. And maybe, just maybe, use it for the good.



  • Likes:

  • Animals

  • costumes

  • sweets

  • yarn balls

  • video games

  • chocolate milk

  • nature

  • music

  • Strolling

  • Her special jacket

  • Making people smile

  • Being petted on the head.

  • Play

  • Odd foods


  • Dislikes:

  • Mean people

  • People who lie, specially when she knows already the truth.

  • Not being able to help/feeling useless

  • Feeling guilty

  • Seeing others sad.

  • Bossy people

  • Cloudy days

  • TO quiet people

  • Judgemental people

  • Being yelled at

  • Not being able to keep up a conversation long enough (Usually happens with quiet people)


  • Misc:


  • Her jacket is very special to her. That once she loses it, she feels empty. Although, if she takes it off, and KNOWS where it is, then she will feel alright as long as it's safe.

  • If she actually gets to cry, she actually starts by saying ''Nyaaaa!'' And continues on her crying.

  • When speaking right infront of her, you might notice how she barely looks at your eyes. Sometimes, it's fear of even knowing what are you thinking about, Or the facts she feels uncomfortable since she can''t control it very well, Or the fact she knows is bad to look if you have a certain eye power and don't know how to control it.

  • When angry, or annoyed, she pretends she is actually hissing when she is just making a weird kind of sound. SIMILAR to it but it's not.

  • Considers the cat to be some kind of representation of her dead brother. Although knows it's not him at all. Probably one of the reasons she acts like one SOMETIMES.

  • Sings random songs at moments, it makes sense since she sometimes has her headphones on. She has a phone in which she has stored some music for herself!

  • Her voice actress would be: Kana Hanazawa! As shiro's voice! when singing randomly!…  And when speaking!…



  • Relationships:

  • She doesn't have any for now ;u; But if you want to have some sort of relationship with her, feel free to ask!


I can do both lit and script, yet I rather do script!
you can note me or I can RP in the chatroom with ya'!
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